There has been some misinformation about MPDC circulating lately, implying that we have decision-making power when it comes to city property, policy, and contracts. That is simply untrue.

As winter approaches, we are concerned about the precarious situations asylum seekers are facing. The city has asked all Chicagoans to help identify places for asylum seekers. In the spirit of this request, we asked one of our contacts to connect with city officials. We have not had any further involvement in this matter.

We encourage all neighbors to attend the upcoming public meeting to learn about the city’s plan for a temporary housing site in Brighton Park and participate in public comment. The meeting will be held October 24th, 6PM at Kelly High School.

For those unfamiliar with MPDC, our job is to advocate for neighbors based on the Neighborhood Plan that hundreds of McKinley Park residents helped to create. It includes priorities like increasing walkability, promoting housing options for working families, encouraging locally-owned small businesses, and expanding access to nature. Learn more about the Neighborhood Plan here , and join us for upcoming events to be a part of what we do every day.