Latest News and Events

  • The Riverfront plan is here!

    Join us on Wednesday, June 12, as we present our new riverfront plan at the McKinley Park Library. Over 600 neighbors were part of the events leading up to this community-driven plan, and we’re so excited to share it with you! What: South Branch Connectivity Project: Framework Plan launch! Where: McKinley Park Library When: Wed, 12 Jun at 6:30 PM Why it’s exciting: Neighbors have worked together for an entire year, finding ways to connect parks, expand greenspace, and create new opportunities for transportation and recreation on the riverfront.

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  • Backward River Festival

    MPDC and a number of other community groups will be participating in the Backward River Festival: Damen Silo City this Saturday at Canalport Riverwalk (near the Damen Silos) from 2-6PM. Led by the UIC Freshwater Lab, the festival will offer: Live theatre and musical performances Talks about the Silos’ past, present, and future Hands-on activities for all ages MPDC will be giving a short talk and hosting a table about our future riverfront path.

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  • Damen Silos Federal Demolition Permit

    Public Meeting on Damen Silos Federal Demolition Permit On Thursday Feburary 1, 2024 , the Army Corps of Engineers is hosting a public meeting regarding federal permitting for the demolition of the Damen Silos at our very own McKinley Park Fieldhouse. Check out our Damen Silos Demolition Fact Sheet if you need a refresher on what’s been happening with this iconic property. What: Army Corps of Engineers’ Public Meeting about Demolishing the Damen Silos

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