Hope you’ve had a great weekend despite the cold. We will be hosting our online monthly, public meeting this Wednesday, January 19th, at 7pm. We’ll be discussing a couple of things at the meetings that have to do with new potential projects in the neighborhood and with updates to existing projects and efforts that we’ve informed you of previously.

If you are on our mailing list, you should have already received an email with the meeting link and call in information. (If you are not on the mailing list, let us know via email and we’ll add you to our list.)

The first discussion point will be on the status of our Chicago Works Community Challenge application that we submitted for park improvements to the city in the beginning of November.

We will be also talking about the eTOD efforts along the Ashland Avenue corridor that we’ve discussed at previous meetings. There have been some new ideas and projects that have potentially come of late that we’d like to share with you.

We also bring news of the Ward redrawing process. If you’re unaware, Chicago aldermen are currently redrawing the ward boundaries for the city. This will affect not only who your alderman is, but also can affect development opportunities, zoning, and neighborhood services you receive. There are at least three potential maps in discussion at city hall. Those potential maps can be found here. (There’s a box at the top left that you can click to toggle the different maps on and off). We at the MPDC support the Chicago Coalition Map from December 1, 2021 that places the neighborhood and the CMD within one continuous ward. At the meeting we’ll talk about what you can do to help get the McKinley Park neighborhood within the boundaries of the ward map you’d like to have us within.

There’s also some smaller projects that we’ll be touching on as well.

And as always, you’re welcome to bring any discussion topics, ideas, or questions to the meeting. We’re happy to listen, tell you what we know, or find someone who does know. Our goal is to help you be informed about your neighborhood and the decisions that affect it.

Hope to see you on Wednesday at 7pm.