UPDATE: July, 2018 - All the nominees were elected at the June 20, 2018 meeting. Congratulations to the new board members and thanks everyone for voting!

Greetings McKinley Park Development Council Members,

I just wanted to follow up and remind you all about the upcoming board elections and that nominations are due by our next meeting, June 20th.

Our board can consist of 8 to 12 members, so we are looking to add between 2 and 6 people to join the board. This is an average board size for a not for profit and would continue to allow the board members to focus their efforts and resources on specific projects that are being proposed by our very active and ambitious committees without being stretched too thin.

As a reminder, to be a board member there are specific requirements that need to be met in order to be considered eligible.

1) An individual shall have a desire to pay it forward with what they have, know, or have access to, to help further the goals of the MPDC. If you’ve served on a board for a not for profit in the past, your experience and knowledge will be a great asset, but prior experience is not necessary.

2) A director must be a member of MPDC in good standing at the time of the election (attended at least two meetings) and will continue to be throughout the term served.

3) Must be a resident of the McKinley Park Community Area of Chicago, or own a business that is headquartered in the Mckinley Park Community Area.

4) A director must serve in their capacity as an individual and not as a representative of a business or organization.

5) No person running for or holding political or judicial office, working for a political or judicial organization, or serving in a leadership role of a political organization that impacts the Area of Operation, or any person employed by such a political office-holder shall serve as a Director of the Board.

If you meet these requirements and are elected your term is for three years, and at that time you may run again.Your duties as a board member would include:

1) Ensure that the goals and objectives of MPDC are implemented 2) develop programs and activities that promote the purposes of MPDC 3) evaluate all programs 4) approve an annual budget 5) monitor finances 6) ensure that adequate resources are available to MPDC 7) authorize all legal documents 8) take measures necessary to assure MPDC’s compliance with the law and bylaws 9) fulfill any other function that furthers the purpose of MPDC.

Additionally, you would be required to actively participate as a member, lead, or co-lead on at least one committee and attend board of director meetings outside of MPDC monthly meetings.

If being a board member interests you, please provide your name and a brief statement about yourself showcasing what you feel qualifies you to be a board member by our monthly meeting in June (June 20th). Include pertinent information such as if you are a business owner or have previous board/leadership experience. Three to five sentences. This can be given in person or via email. We will share this information with the general membership who will vote for the board at on our July 18th meeting. Reminder that you must be present to vote.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you and see you all at the next meeting on June 20th at 7pm at the Marz Brewing Taproom.

John Belcik McKinley Park Development Council | President