The Sale of Public Land Deserves Public Comment!

The letter below was sent to Gov. Pritzker’s office on Dec 5, 2022, asking the state to stop the sale of the Damen Silos. This sale process was conducted without any public input, and the state claims they are not allowed to consider any factor other than price.

Since the state won’t take community needs or plans into consideration, we are asking the governor to sell or transfer the property to the City of Chicago. Using the process developed for Invest South/West, the city can then work with neighbors to develop this site for the benefit of the community, rather than the benefit of the highest bidder.

Our cohort includes the following community groups and supporters:

McKinley Park Development Council

McKinley Park Mutual Aid

Bridgeport Alliance

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization

Neighbors for Environmental Justice (N4EJ)

Friends of the Parks

Active Transportation Alliance

Southwest Environmental Alliance

Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 25th Ward Alderman

Julia Ramirez, Candidate for 12th Ward Alderperson

A PDF copy of the letter is here