Latest News and Events

  • 2020 Board of Directors

    The McKinley Park Development Council’s annual Board of Directors election for 2020 is complete and we are happy to announce that the results bring both new energy and perspective to the council. We want to first thank all of the nominees. This year’s selection was a highly diverse group of extremely qualified candidates and the neighborhood is lucky to have you. Your willingness to volunteer is appreciated and we encourage you and more residents to continue to be involved in your community.

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  • 2020 Board Candidates Election

    It is time for our annual Board of Directors election and your votes will help shape the board to best reflect our neighborhood (assuming you live in McKinely Park). Step One: Watch candidates for the MPDC Board of Directors introduce themselves at the November 18, 2020 public (online) meeting: You can also read their bios here Step Two: Register to vote by sending an email to: Then: Vote for candidates via: this form

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  • MDPC Clarifies its Postion on Affordable Housing

    The MPDC signed an open letter clarifing its postion in favor of affordable housing and against air pollution. A PDF copy of the letter is here

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